Gas and air purification

Purification of air and gases has always been a focus area for NORIT®. Based on our extensive product portfolio of (mostly) extruded activated carbon grades, we supply for many applications in various industries. Some of our major applications are:

Process gases

Process gases are purified with our benchmark NORIT extruded grades, to remove organic components and a number of specific toxic gases.

Air purification

Purification of air for, and from, a variety of uses.

Odor control

Odor control in municipal and industrial sewage and wastewater treatment systems.

Gas masks

Activated carbon for gas masks and larger filters to to protect personnel from toxic gases.

Solvent recovery

Solvent recovery of industrial solvents for their re-use in a variety of processes and environmental protection.

Waste incineration flue gas

Flue gases from waste incinerators, purified to meet the latest legislations on dioxins and mercury.


Even if your gas and air application is not listed here, please contact us to find out what solutions we can offer!

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