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Finding the best and most cost-effective grade of activated carbon for an application, is often critical. With hundreds of widely different grades available, it is important to make the right choice.

Deploying the selected grade optimally is also important. Well-designed process conditions help to get the best performance out of the activated carbon.

This is where NORIT® application engineers can help you. Our application expertise started with a patented sugar purification technology developed in the 1910’s. Since then, we have helped develop, and spread into, virtually any activated carbon application.

Depending on your wishes, our support can include:

  • Advice of the most suitable application method (powdered or granular activated carbon)
  • A selection of the most suitable grade(s) for your process
  • Guidance for scale-up oriented lab testing (if applicable)
  • Design considerations: for your fixed bed granular carbon filter, or powdered carbon filtration
  • Recommendations for process equipment
  • Optimal process conditions for using activated carbon in your plant
  • Analyses of spent activated carbon
  • Recommendations for spent carbon reactivation or disposal

Please contact us, to see how our experienced team of application engineers can help you!

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