Gold mining - gold recovery


In gold production, NORIT® activated carbon is used to concentrate the noble metal. The carbon is applied in carbon-in-leach, carbon-in-pulp, and carbon-in-column (heap leach) systems.


NORIT has a four-decade history of supplying activated carbons to leading gold producers. We supply our top grade NORIT RO grades as well as high grade granular coconut carbons.


Extruded NORIT RO grades are produced in our proprietary manufacturing process, resulting in a homogeneous product with a dedicated micro-, meso-, and macropore structure. In gold recovery this brings:

  • Fast gold adsorption: capturing the gold cyanide quickly for optimal yield and security of operation
  • Very high abrasion resistence (and no platelets): minimizing carbon fines losses and associated gold losses
  • High stripping efficiency: avoiding the locking-in of gold in the carbon inventory
  • Favorable acid washing and reactivation properties: allowing the carbon to be kept top-shape

Expert technical advice backs up our supplies, both off- and on-site.

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Top quality for gold recovery

NORIT RO grades

  • Very fast adsorption
  • Very high hardness
  • Very effective gold recovery

Extruded activated carbon

High quality coconut

NORIT GCN grades

  • Fast adsorption
  • High hardness
  • Low platelet content


Granular activated carbon