Gas and Air Purification

Solvent recovery


Organic solvents are used in various industries and eventually evaporate into the air. These solvent vapors can be economically recovered by high performance, NORIT® activated carbon-based recycling systems which enable adsorption and then desorption of desired solvents.


Our SORBONORIT® activated carbon products offer the optimal:

  • Pore size distribution and pore volume, for adsorption and regeneration
  • Hardness and durability
  • Particle diameter and pressure drop
  • Disposal or re-use by reactivation
  • Performance in case of reactive (oxidation sensitive) solvents

We also provide:

  • Analytical and field services to help you install, maintain, and evaluate your solvent recovery system
  • Design support. Based on our own performance model the optimal steam usage can be calculated
  • Consultancy in control of operational costs with highest recovery of your solvent
  • Dedicated specifications of the SORBONORIT grades
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Dedicated to solvent recovery


  • Defined activity levels
  • Low pressure drops
  • Low emissions
  • High capacity
  • Efficient regeneration

Extruded activated carbon