Biogas / RNG

Siloxane removal


Siloxanes are a group of man-made organic compounds used to make personal hygiene, health care and industrial products. These compounds plus volatile organic compounds result in significant amounts of impurities in wastewater and landfills and contribute to operational inefficiencies and high costs in biogas production.


Even at low levels , siloxanes cause damage to and reduced efficiency of engines, turbines, boilers, fuel cells and catalysts.


NORIT® SILPURE™ activated carbon uses proprietary technology to preferentially adsorb siloxanes over high BTU VOCs commonly found in biogas.

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Preferential Siloxane Removal


  • 2mm pellet
  • 50% better performance
  • Captures >30% more Siloxanes
  • 35% more VOC pass thru
  • Excellent for boiler, RICE, and turbine protection

Extruded activated carbon