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Vapor recovery


Gasoline storage tanks contain a headspace of air saturated with hydrocarbon vapor. As tanks are filled that vapor space requires venting, but to avoid pollution it can not be released into the atmosphere.


The solution is our SORBONORIT® K pelletized product series. SORBONORIT grades are available with a variety of pore structures and total pore volumes to fit specific application needs.


Where vapor pressure is low, or volumes are small, the saturated carbons are usually just replaced (and optionally re-activated at a NORIT® site).


With higher vapor pressure and/or larger volumes, it is more economical to use a vacuum process that desorbs the vapors from the carbon which can then be reused. The desorbed vapor is condensed and recycled.

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Vapor recovery range


  • High capacity
  • High purity vent air
  • Efficient regeneration

Extruded activated carbon