Oil and gas

Oil refineries, natural gas producers and related industries use a multitude of NORIT® activated carbon products. Our well-proven grades purify various hydrocarbon streams, resulting in high quality products. NORIT activated carbons also purify process chemicals before their re-use, making them more efficient and reducing costs.

Here are some of the primary applications where NORIT provides essential assistance:

Acid gas removal units

Purifying amine and glycol solutions in acid gas removal units and glycol dehydration processes.

Mercury removal

Mercury removal from natural gas and hydrocarbon liquids.

Hydrocarbon sweetening

Hydrocarbon sweetening processes are used to make harmless the corrosive and odorous mercaptans in various refinery streams.

Liquid hydrocarbon purification

Liquid hydrocarbon purification eliminates impurities from natural gas liquids, hydrocracking intermediates, and various final products.

Vapor recovery

Vapor recovery units (VRU) provide for the vapor control of (gasoline) bulk storage facilities.