Food and Beverage Industries

Purification of (ingredients for) foods and beverages has always been a core focus for NORIT® activated carbon. Indeed, we serve a vast array of applications in food and beverage industries. There is too much to mention here, but these are some of our main applications:

Beverage water

Beverage water is made ‘sparkling clean’ with NORIT activated carbons.

Edible oils

Edible oils are treated with our benchmark NORIT PAH grades, to remove polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and other trace impurities.

Starch based sweeteners

Starch based sweeteners and their derivatives are purified with NORIT activated carbons at various stages of their production.


Cane Sugar and liquid sugars are treated with dedicated types of NORIT activated carbon.

Juices and alcoholic drinks

Juices, beers, wines, and liquors often thank their taste and appeal to NORIT activated carbons.

Black food colorant (E 153)

Vegetable activated carbon food colorant in Europe also known as ‘E 153’, is used to create black foods from licorice to ice cream in most parts of the world.


Organic decaffeinated coffees and teas are produced using our unique NORIT decaffeination carbon and process.

CO2 purification

CO2 is purified by NORIT activated carbon to a high degree for use in beers and soft drinks.


Even if your food and beverage application is not listed here, please contact us to find out what solutions we can offer!

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