Gasoline vapor emission control for fuel tanks is an essential environmental protection feature of gasoline cars (including hybrids), with ever tightening legislation in most regions in the world.


NORIT® is producing and supplying activated carbons for this application – already for many decades. We manufacture our automotive grades in a dedicated production facility at our Glasgow manufacturing site. Our products are approved by leading car brands.


Our pelletized NORIT CNR grades bring:

  • A range of gasoline working capacities (and butane working capacities) for various design considerations
  • A very low bleed
  • An excellent aging performance
  • Favorable hardness, density, pressure drop, and flow characteristics

Experienced technical support completes our portfolio for the automotive industry.

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Evaporative emission control

NORIT CNR grades

  • High working capacity
  • Low bleed
  • Excellent aging performance

Extruded activated carbon