Equipment and Rentals

Mobile filter units in Europe

We offer mobile filter vessels for rent, for a wide variety of adsorption applications. The filters are filled with virgin granular activated carbon or reactivated carbon.

Benefits that our customers derive from choosing mobile filters rather than permanent filter vessels are:

  • Ideal for temporary solutions, e.g. emergencies
  • Flexible rental period
  • Modular set up allows the number of filters to be adapted
  • Quick and easy to install; plug and play concept
  • No on-site handling of GAC during exchanges
  • Suitable for trial runs
  • No capital investment needed by the user

We offer a complete portfolio of rental filters for granular activated carbons:

  • NORIT AERO filters for gas/air applications: process exhaust gases, vent air streams, process gases
  • NORIT AQUA filters for water applications: process water, wastewater, contaminated ground water and landfill leachates
  • NORIT PURO filters for food, beverage, and fine chemicals applications: sweeteners, malt drinks, glycerin, etc.

Our mobile filters are usually rented in combination with reactivation services from our network of European reactivation plants:

  • The combination provides complete and sustainable 'plug-and-play' solutions
  • The mobile filter(s) is placed on your site, and connected to your process
  • Once the carbon is exhausted, the filter is replaced by another filter with reactivated or fresh carbon, and the exhausted filter is transported to a NORIT facility. The spent carbon is reactivated, and the filter is prepared for its next use.
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