Chemical and Catalyst Industries

Catalyst supports

NORIT® activated carbon catalyst support grades, are used by leading catalyst manufacturers to produce noble metal and other heterogeneous catalysts. These catalysts then find use in a range of processes, from fine chemical / pharma synthesis, to vinyl chloride monomer production and mercaptan oxidation.


NORIT activated carbon catalyst carriers bring:

  • A high dispersion of the active phase
  • Fast diffusion of reactants and products (enhancing selectivity)
  • A high durability to avoid active phase losses (especially in eggshell catalysts) and to allow multiple rounds of re-use
  • An easy recovery of the metal phase by burning off the carbon

For this we supply from our highly controlled production:

  • Catalyst support grades with high purity and high consistency
  • Different pore structures and surface characteristics
  • Extruded grades with superior hardness
  • Powdered grades with especially defined particle size distributions

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Noble metal catalyst carriers

NORIT SX (CAT) range

  • Choice of porosities
  • Very high, tightly specified purity
  • Well defined PSDs
  • Magnesite grade (buffering)

Powdered Activated Carbon

Noble metal catalyst carriers


  • Choice of porosities and diameters
  • Very high, tightly specified purity
  • Extreme hardness

Extruded Activated Carbon