Biogas / RNG

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and Siloxane removal


Biogas derived from landfills and from agricultural and wastewater treatment facilities can contain VOCs and siloxanes. As the market for biogas continues to shift to RNG, the removal of VOCs and siloxanes has become important to upgrading systems and the effective operation of the system’s gas permeation membranes.


Membrane processes are one of the most effective means for separating carbon dioxide (CO2) from methane to upgrade biogas. Harmful VOCs such as ketones can permanently damage them.


VOCs give off a very strong odor. This odor can mask the effects of the odorants added to the upgraded gas as a safety requirement.


VOCs and Siloxanes in biogas are removed with NORIT® RB3 or NORIT RB4 activated carbon which has been optimized for highly efficient adsorption of these impurities.


NORIT RB3 and RB4 can be regenerated effectively in pressure and temperature swing adsorption applications. They can also be used as disposable media in ACT polishing beds.

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VOC & Siloxanes


  • 3 and 4mm pellet
  • Low pressure drop
  • Less downtime
  • Regen with pressure and temperature swing adsorption
  • Low OPEX VOC removal
  • Protect polymer membranes

Extruded activated carbon