Water treatment

Water is a precious natural resource and is vital to our lives. People require clean water to drink as a basic need, and many industries use highly purified water in their production processes. Water treatment is a process to reduce or remove the undesirable characteristics of water, so it is fit for its purpose of use. Activated carbon has proven effectiveness in water treatment to adsorb organic contaminants to meet stringent water quality requirements and legislations. NORIT® offers a wide range of activated carbon grades in water treatment applications along with strong technical support and reactivation services.

Potable water

is purified to remove harmful organic contaminants and improve its taste and odor.

Beverage water

is made ‘sparkling’ clean with NORIT Activated Carbons.

Industrial process water

is treated to extremely high purity in various industries.

Steam condensate

is purified to be reused in high pressure steam boilers in refineries and power plants.


is treated to meet regulations for safe discharge into the environment, or for reuse.


Even if your water application is not listed here, please contact us to find out what solutions we can offer!

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