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Powdered carbon dosing units in the Americas

The PORTA-PAC® is a clean, compact, and reliable bulk bag handling system designed to accurately dose Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) in a dust-free manner.

The PORTA-PAC wet injection system:

  • Is typically used for purification of potable water, natural oils, sugar and various liquid chemical streams
  • Meters PAC into a hydraulic eductor, from where a motive liquid (such as water) transfers the carbon slurry to the injection point in the process

The PORTAPAC dry injection system:

  • Is typically used to control mercury, dioxin, and furan emissions in coal fired power plants, cement plants, incinerators, industrial boilers and metal smelters or furnaces
  • Meters PAC into a pneumatic eductor, where a motive air stream transfers the carbon to the injection point in the flue gas stream

All PORTA-PAC dosing units:

  • Feed from bulk bags (FIBCs)
  • Feed PAC at a predetermined and adjustable rate
  • May be located inside or out
  • Are portable and built in two eight-foot sections for quick and easy shipping, set-up, and relocation
  • Are controlled with a series of interlocks, which allow local and/or remote operation, and monitoring of the system
  • Are accurate yet simple enough to be very reliable
  • Are available for lease or purchase
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