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NORIT® purifies. Our activated carbon scientists and engineers transform one of the earth’s most natural elements – carbon – into extremely porous granules and powders that are used to purify beverages, biogas, chemicals, foods, pharmaceutical ingredients, water, and countless other products necessary for life. And to purify wastewater, flue gas, vent air and other effluents to make them safe for the environment that we live in.

NORIT has a one-hundred-year history of innovating and developing activated carbon products and uses. These help companies around the world produce products that are cleaner and safer for end users everywhere. Beyond purification, NORIT activated carbons are also used as colorants, catalyst supports, and catalysts in industrial processes.

Global leader

Today, NORIT and its JV's operate ten plants in seven countries on three continents, and continue to lead the industry and help thousands of companies around the world purify and improve their products.

100+ Years of Activated Carbon
Production and Application Experience

Clients 1


More than 1000 customer groups served annually.

Products 1


More than 400 activated carbon grades

Pant 1


10 manufacturing plants or JV’s in seven counties on three continents

Global 2


Products supplied to more than 100 countries


October 10, 2023

Mancano poco meno di 4 settimane all’inizio della Fiera di Ecomondo (7-10 Novembre) a Rimini! Si chiama proprio Ecomondo in quanto è la Fiera più importante dell’ Economia Circolare di tutto il Sud Europa. ...

October 10, 2023

Just four weeks to go, to the start of the Ecomondo exhibition (7-10 November) in Rimini! Appropriately named, Ecomondo is the leading ‘circular economy’ trade show for the south of Europe. We’re happy to be ...

October 10, 2023

Just a couple of weeks to go, to the start of the Aquatech exhibition (6-9 November) in Amsterdam! Aquatech is positioned as the world’s leading platform for process, drinking and wastewater. We’re excited to ...

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